In Android application development each application is a collection of tasks called as activity and each activity has a unique user interface. It is a very powerful operating system that incubates resolute solutions that remain unaffected even during a shutdown or failure. One should have thorough knowledge on lifecycles because android often terminates processes having trivial app cycles’ to lower app resource consumption. Development of Android applications is pertinent due to its open source and free natures, high performance, simple tools, image formats, multitude of worthy in-built features, secure and automatic management of app life cycle and many more. One of its interesting feature is the interplay between different applications e.g. you are locating an address in Gmail and it uses the Google maps and gives you the address to reach the place. Various businesses have incorporated android development to develop secured, quality and customized solutions boosting their profitability, productivity and customer reach. Click Here

Android application is open to all developers and programmers from all walks of life all over the world. The Android by far is one of the best options when it comes to smart phones. The Android models could accept an SD card allowing more storage room. Along with the many benefits to the Android device, it also has its drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks may include the systems have poor arrangement life and not all the models have physical keyboards. The absence of a physical keyboard could make typing hard for some people. Moreover, the camera does not always produce very good pictures. Anyone could easily download the applications and start using the apps immediately. Android app is the most preferred because of its easy installation process. For those who are considering Android apps, it is worthwhile, to weigh the options carefully and take not of the pros and cons of the platform before taking on the plunge.

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